What's it like during the year at Villa Stabbia

Nice !!! Whether it be Winter - Spring - Summer or Autumn.

For an overview of the average temperatures and rainfall for Massa e Cozzile - please look here



Lemons, Oranges, Tangerines and Kumquats available. The coldest month with temperatures down to zero and below at night. This would be the time when the vines are pruned. Dead trees in the field are being removed and the aqua ducts in are being checked and maintained. All the fields are fertilised.



Lemons, Oranges, Tangerines and Kumquats available. Still coldish though days are starting to get longer and one gets the slight feeling that spring is just around the corner. Depending on the temperature, pruning of the olive trees starts mid month. Pruning is quite hard for the tree, so if frost comes after it has been pruned, it may or may not survive. Fruit and ornamental trees are pruned first though.



Lemons and Kumquats available. Still some coldish nights, but the temperature is up during the day. The agriturismo houses undergo a full spring cleaning, repainting or touched up depending on their state, and all inventory is checked. Ready for the vacation season to start. Pruning of the olive trees all month.



Lemons and Kumquats available. Nice weather - not to hot, not to cold - perfect for all outdoor activities. Though one has to remember that this is a month with many showers. The grass on the fields is now growing fast. This is the best time for the horses - grass up to their bellies and temperatures just perfect. The fields are covered with wild flowers and the general gardening starts around the agriturismo as well as the garden surrounding the villa.



Lemons, Kumquats, Strawberries, Cherries and Apricots available. Still perfect weather, temperatures rising and the swimming-pool is usually opened around the 1st of May. Now it is time to start cutting grass in the field and all the ornamental flowers start to come out. The olive trees are all blooming with small white flowers.



Lemons, Cherries, Apricots, Plums and some Peaches available. Warm and sunny days with temperatures rising throughout the month, the days are long and the evenings are very comfortable. Fields are only maintained if needed, otherwise left to grow. The garden and all the flowers as well as the fruit trees are maintained.



Lemons, Plums, Peaches, Black Berries, Pears, Apple and some Figs available. Now the temperatures really start to get higher. Fields are only maintained if needed, otherwise left to grow. Cutting of the grass along the edges of the terraces and wood collection for the winter starts. The garden is still maintained.



Lemons, Black Berries, Pears, Apple, dark red Plums, blue Plums and Figs available. The hottest month of the year at least until the 15th of August, but still bearable - specially with the pool. Now the cutting of edges is finishing and as before, the fields are only maintained if needed, otherwise left to grow.



Lemons, Peaches, Black Berries, Pears, Apple, Plums, Figs, Hazelnuts and Walnuts available. Nice comfortable temperatures during the day with the pool still warm and the evenings pleasant. Time again to start cutting the grass in preparation for the olive harvest. General garden work and maintenance of the fruit trees and vegetable garden.



Lemons, Sharon Fruits (Kaki) and Mushrooms available. Cooler evenings, but during the day a t-shirt is still ok in the beginning of the month. The pool mainly used by "vikings etc" and normally closed at the end of the month unless guests request it to remain open. The grass on all the fields are completely cut, and the olive harvest starts mid October. Now the gardening finally stops, except for collection of leaves



Lemons, Sharon Fruits (Kaki) and Mushrooms available. Still reasonable temperatures during the day in the beginning of the month - long sleeved t-shirt, but cooler in the evening and heating most certainly needed at night. Starts to rain from time to time in the beginning of the month and quite a bit towards the end. Olive harvest for most of the month.



Lemons, Sharon Fruits (Kaki), Oranges and Kumquats available. Temperatures low, though rarely does it snow, and if so, the snow only stays for a day or two. Fresh and crisp weather usually - can rain from time to time. Branches and remains from the olive harvest still left on the fields are now collected and burnt.

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