So ready for a horse riding adventure in Tuscany with Villa Stabbia.

A fantastic way to discover the heart of Tuscany, is to explore it from the back of one of our friendly and strong horses and using Villa Stabbia as your base for an unforgettable horse riding holiday.

Come along on a spectacular ride through vineyards and olive grooves, up the Tuscan hills and down the mountains following natural footpaths through the evergreen forests or along age-old trails and pathways! Ride past old farmhouses – terracotta floors and old wells included. Think of good wine and sun-dried tomatoes, colours and spices, all in a beautiful mix....... There you go...... That is Tuscany.

Why is Villa Stabbia Riding Centre so Special?

Searching for a solid riding centre with quality staff and well trained horses is time consuming and at times overwhelming. So to make it easier to see what Villa Stabbia riding centre can offer – we have made a small summary:

  • A family run riding centre where horses and riders are considered part of the family. Horse riding has to be a positive experience for rider and horse together, plus provide an option for the rider to bond with the horse and to get to know more about these wonderful animals.
  • Dressage trained horses at all levels. The horses undergo a minimum of 2 years training before being ridden by others. This training covers ground work, dressage work, trail rides of all levels of difficulties, accustomed to traffic, towns, children, barking dogs, scary flying objects like plastic bags – whilst at the same time maintaining their openness, calmness and curiosity. The training doesn’t end there of course, but is on-going throughout the year, aiming to raise the capabilities of each horse to its maximum.
  • Highly qualified instructor and guides, constantly seeking information about horse welfare, training methods and educational clinics. Several courses and clinics are held at Villa Stabbia every year by the Villa Stabbia instructor or invited specialists.
  • The instructor has trained the horses and knows their strengths and personalities hence will be able to match horse and rider not just based on height, weight and abilities, but also so each rider will feel they are riding "their horse".
  • A qualified and experienced instructor that though the years have introduced people of all ages to the equestrian world and enabled them to later go out on their own and find their horse world
  • Being guides under the Italian equestrian association ENGEA, it is of uppermost importance not just to know the area, but also being informed about the nature, history, wildlife, anecdotes … So the trail rides will not only be on very well maintained trails, but also interesting and informative. Tuscany is so beautiful and there is soooo much to discover.
  • Then there are of course the languages – we can communicate fluently in English, French, Italian, and Danish and to some degree in German and Spanish.

So in summary
Security and respect for the horses, riders and environment is the foundation for all riding at Villa Stabbia

Our horses live naturally all year free in the olive groove - which makes them wonderful riding horses with excellent temperaments for all kinds of riders. They love their trail rides and will offer willingly the final stretch at a canter up the hill as well as a stop at the top to marvel over the view.

So - does a riding holiday mean being in the saddle for a half or whole day? Or do you prefer to ride a whole week long from one place to the next? You can choose. The programmes are all made to suit each rider and horse riding skills. The groups are always small - max 6 persons, which allows each rider to be fully part of the group and feel at ease with the horses.

So whether it will be your first time in the saddle, you used to ride many moons ago or you are an experienced equestrian, Villa Stabbia can provide an individual and personal service - so just contact us - tell us what you would like to do, a bit about your riding experience and we will tailor make a suitable program.

We hope to see you soon!


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