Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Villa Stabbia

Comments from the Guestbook:
Love every visit to the olive mill. The olive grooves around your tasting room are so peaceful. And your oil is just so great!

Comments from the Guestbook:
En virkelig lækker og delikat olivenolie, som får mine klareste anbefalinger med på vejen.

Tuscany in northern Italy, is undoubtedly one of the world's most famous olive oil producing area. In the cultivated hilly area of Pistoia, the family at Villa Stabbia has produced gourmet extra virgin olive oil for decades.

Unlike the big producers, the target is not to produce a large quantity of oil for the commercial end of the market but instead to make an exceptionally fine extra virgin olive oil, by following the principles of organic agriculture.

Villa Stabbia's gourmet premium quality extra virgin olive oil is certified organic, unblended and has consistently - year after year - a natural acidity below 0.3%. (click here for quality definitions of olive oil). Actually for the last 5 years - the acidity has been around 0.1 % ..... that's pretty low!

Extract from the book "Turning Tables" by Heather and Rose MacDowell:
This is a joint where salmon are stored on their bellies in crushed ice to mimic the "swimming position and put less stress on the muscle, so the texture stays firm." The rib-eye is "organic, free-range, slaughtered humanely, and dry-aged at high altitude." The salad is finished with "Villa Stabbia olive" oil and a splash of seventy-five-year-old balsamic vinegar".
Since the oil was first bottled and introduced to on the market in 2002, it has been very well received in the media - and even won several awards. (click here for details)

The farm and the oil is certified organic and only olives from the trees grown on the farm are used. The frantoio, leccino, moriaolo and pendolino fruit varieties are hand harvested in mid October and early November. Then cold pressed, milled in Villa Stabbia's own ecological mill and decantered naturally to insure the highest quality.

This results in a remarkably balanced and delicately fragranced oil, slightly fruity with a touch of peppery after-taste that will diminish after a few months. The gourmet oil is golden green in colour. Bottled in a dark green bottle to protect the precious liquid from alterations by the light.


Comments from the Guestbook:
One of my favorite olive oils... and favorite families. Keep doing what you are doing - and enjoy every moment of it
The farm and the oil has the following certifications

-> certified organic by IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements)
-> ICEA organic certification for Europe
-> JAS organic certification for Japan.
-> HACCP complient

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