Olive Oil Tasting at Villa Stabbia

Comments from the Guestbook:
This was a great break on our trip round Tuscany - this very unique and intimate olive mill tour and a great introduction to a gourmet handcrafted olive oil, this experience is a must for all foodies.
At Villa Stabbia, nothing gives us greater pleasure than sharing our artisan products and our hospitality.

Located in the heart of Tuscany, a visit to our family-owned and operated estate is an great opportunity to explore the rich abundance of one of Italy's most famed olive oil areas.

We will go though the history of olive oil making at Villa Stabbia, olive cultivation, especially organic, the important do's and don't's during the harvest, and our artisan methods of olive oil production at our estate mill.

Comments from the Guestbook:
I had a wonderful time visiting today and learned so much about olive oil. I really appreciated all of the info - thank you for creating such a warm atmosphere and friendliness that I can't wait for another chance to come and visit. So glad that you make olive oil. You do it so well.
Finally there will be the chance to taste our estate's fresh oil and other products alongside a delightful selection of Tuscan dishes and fresh organic produce.

Mario is a certified olive-oil taster (olive oil sommelier) and always look forward to share his interest in olive oil with others.

Time spent at Villa Stabbia's intimate and acclaimed olive oil tours, offers a warm, gracious and informative escape from the everyday. We invite you to discover the difference.


Comments from the Guestbook:
På vores tur med Risskov rejser besøgte vi jeres pragtfulde gård i sidste uge. Vil blot sige tak for en rigtig god oplevelse. Det er de bedste Euro jeg har givet ud på turen. Tak for forklaring om olivenproduktion (nu ved vi hvad vi IKKE skal købe). Og tak for god forplejning. Følte at vi næsten hørte hjemme her. Alt mulig held med jeres gård. Kunne godt finde på at komme tilbage og bo på gården.
All tasting tours are by appointment only and require minimum 48-hours notice for bookings and cancellations.

For olive oil tours and tasting of olive products
- minimum 4 persons.
Duration of visit is around 30 min - free entrance

For olive oil tours and tasting of olive products and typical Tuscan dishes plus drinks
- minimum 10 persons.
Duration is around 2 hours - cost is 18 Euro per person.

To make a reservation or request for further information, please click here. We look forward to seeing you!

To Book or request further information, please click here. We look forward to hearing from you!