The Riding Lessons at Villa Stabbia.

The aim of all riding here at the centre is to have fun, enjoy the company of the horses and to discover the wonderful world of equitation. There is no timeframe or certain abilities that needs to be learned before the year is over. Nor does one have to ride here regularly - some will only ride when on vacation, some when they have the time and others several times a week.

All lessons will start with an introduction to the horse. This is usually done whilst grooming and saddling, as it allows the rider to get to know the character of the horse and what it likes and don't like.

Since all horse stables have their own routine and ways of doing things, the rider will be introduced to the habits and rules of the Villa Stabbia stable. Likewise, beginners or less experienced riders will be taught how to groom and saddle the horse correctly. During the preparation stage, it is compulsory for all under 18 years old who are handling the horses to wear a helmet.

Once the horse is ready, it will be lead by the rider into the arena or round-pen, where they will walk side by side at least once round the riding area before getting into the saddle. Normally there will be two riders riding at the same time, occasionally three - but almost never more than three.

The first ride will demonstrate the riders level of ability. No judgement is being passed, the goal is to have fun! However in order to improve or polish ones riding skills, the current level has to be established, regardless of prior experience.

The aim of the lessons is to teach the riders how to ride the horses as effortless as possible and always by using the minimum aid required. Hence a lot of time will be spent improving the seat, understanding and controlling the aids but also the mental focus of the rider. Breathing calmly plus being able to leave the days stress and problems outside the arena whilst enjoying the time with the horse is fundamental.

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