Awards won by Villa Stabbia's Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Slow Food Presidia
So so proud - An honourable recognition of our olive oil – Villa Stabbia and our Extra Virgin olive oil has been included in the Italian Slow Food Presidia.
At the moment, the presidium comprises 26 producers, but many more can potentially join if they follow the set criteria outlined by the Italian Slow Food Presidia.

To participate in the program, olive farms must grow local, indigenous cultivars and they have to manage their groves without the use of synthetic fertilizers or herbicides (only products with low environmental impact and no residual in the final product are allowed). Good agronomic practices to avoid erosion and landslides are requested in the case of slopes or terraced fields and at least 80 percent of the trees must be at least 100 years of age. Finally, “producers must use a narrative label to sufficiently recount and promote their stories, territory and work.”

Once more gold medal in New York

YEEESSSSS !!!!! Gold in New York - again !!!!! Second time our oil was entered in the New York international Olive Oil Competition - it won its second Gold Medal. We are so proud and pleased

Recognition in Germany
The German Selection magazine holds each year a tasting event where judges pick the best wines and olive oils from the ones sent in by producers all over the world. Their results are then published in the magazine - and in the summer 2013 issue, the oil from Villa Stabbia was included in the very top amongst "Die besten Olivenole"

Oil from Villa Stabbia wins Silver
SILVER !!! for the Oil from Villa Stabbia and only certified organic olive oil present !!!! which was the most important aspect, taking into account the invasion of Olive Flies just before the harvest - so shows it is still possible to produce a quality oil without the use of pesticides and chemicals.

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Gold in New York
The 2012 harvest was awarded gold in April 2013 at the New York Olive Oil Competition for the category "Organic Medium Fruitiness, Blend on the Northern Hemisphere"


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"Oil of Excellence Award" for oil in Japan
The oil from Villa Stabbia was presented and decorated with an "Oil of Excellence" award at the first edition of the JOOP (Japan Olive Oil Prize) Contest in Tokyo, March 2013.


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Villa Stabbia gets another Gran Menzione at SOL
The 2011 harvest can by no means be called a perfect year. However, choosing to pick contrary to tradition, it was still possible to obtain a really good quality oil.

The oil was even awarded an honourary price or GRAN MENZIONE at SOL in Verona.
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SOL - Villa Stabbia Wins Gold Medal
The oil made from olives grown at Villa Stabbia managed to go all the way at this international olive oil competition and was awarded the Gold Medal for medium fruitiness.
The Competition Awards are presented during the Exhibition Vinitaly and are bestowed to the best extra virgin olive oils in each of the three fruitiness categories.
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Grand Menzione to Oil from Villa Stabbia

First time at a competition for olive oil, and the oil from Villa Stabbia is honoured with a Grand Menzione at the Sol d'Oro international competition,  held at the SOL fair in Verona (International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fair) in conjunction with VinItaly.
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