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Welcome to Spiky

September  2013

With the riding activities on the increase, especially in the summer months, it was time to enlarge the group of horses once again.

Spiky caught our attention first of all due to his beautiful colouring, but mainly for his trusty, curious and calm character.

He is born the 26th of April 2009 in Holland. His full name is Spiky van Pippi's Farm.

Spiky's mum is appaloosa, coloured palomino, and his father - well very pretty according to his mum as Spiky was not planned. His dad is a Dutch Warmblood though.

Spiky arrived together with Ghibli - and they have become inseparably friends. As per tradition - Zazu greeted them both and had a nice friendly lunch with Spiky.

Very light on his feet and quick to move away if anything is scary - but he is also incredibly curious. At times even too much.

The training starts from zero, as he has never carried a saddle nor tasted a bit.

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