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Ghibli moves in at Villa Stabbia

September  2013

Having searched for a long time for a strong horse, Ghibli appeared out of the blue. He was everything we had been looking for - tall, strong built, Spanish PRE, young .... only slight problem was that he was skinny and without muscles, after having spent his last three years in a field with not that much food.

However, after vaccinations, castration, lots and lots of food and some ground work, he soon started to show his potential. One big warm heart, kind and calm is the best way to describe him

He is a Pura Raza Española, born on the 8th of April 2009 in Cortona, Arezzo - Tuscany. He is rather tall for his breed, 166 cm and still growing.

His mum was part of a group of PRE horses imported from Spain, where the intention was to start breeding these PRE horses for mainly shows. However after a year or two - the idea was abandoned and the horses were more or less forgotten. Until they were all sold off in September - lucky for us.

Gibli's real name is L Uno M Silver - but Ghibli fits him so much better. Needless to say that Zazu welcomed him with a good long chat and hug.

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