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Grand Menzione to Oil from Villa Stabbia

April  2009

The oil from the 2008 harvest here at Villa Stabbia, was not only plentiful, but also had that little bit extra - the small elements that just tied it perfectly together and made it "a really nice olive oil".

As such it was decided to check just how good it was and it was sent to participate in the Sol d'Oro competition.

The Sol d'Oro is one of the top international competitions for high quality olive oil, held at the SOL fair in Verona (International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fair) in conjunction with VinItaly.

Gold, silver and bronze awards are bestowed upon the best extra virgin olive oils presented in each of the three fruitiness categories. "Grande Menzione" (honourable mention) certificates are awarded to the 10 just below.

The oil from Villa Stabbia received a "Grand Menzione" at the 2009 competition in the category of "light fruitiness".

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