News from Villa Stabbia - 2009

Pork Feast at the inauguration of the new riding facilities
A 24 hour cooking marathon took place to prepare a roasted pig for the opening of the new facilities at the riding centre.

After almost a year of construction, the stable, arena, round-pen, paddock were all finally ready to be used.
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Horse photographer Bonnie visiting Villa Stabbia
Horse photographer Bonnie Jensen visited Villa Stabbia and spent two days shooting hundreds of pictures of the horses.

Some stills in the round-pen, several whilst they were moving around in the fields.
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The Round-pen is taking shape
Following the large riding arena, the next being constructed was the round-pen.

Fundamental for working with the horse from the ground and a perfect size for children and beginners to ride in.
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Villa Stabbia at "Kulinarisk Sydfyn"
Finally Villa Stabbia attended it's first culinary festival. It was held in Svendborg, Denmark.

A large food festival of international sustainable and organic gourmet produce.
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The riding arena is taking shape
Going from a wet bamboo field to a well drained riding arena in a month - or just over.

The nerve of the riding centre and expected with anticipation.
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Grande Menzione to Oil from Villa Stabbia

First time at a competition for olive oil, and the oil from Villa Stabbia is honoured with a Grand Menzione at the Sol d'Oro international competition,  held at the SOL fair in Verona (International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fair) in conjunction with VinItaly.
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The Stable is taking shape
As soon as the last permissions were given, the digger moved in and transformed the field into a riding centre.

During the summer 2009, the stable was finally a reality and the horses moved in and their tack with them.
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The Horse-Truck
Although the area around Villa Stabbia is beautiful and varied, there are also other places within Tuscany that would be nice to visit and explore on a horse-back.

A horse-truck for 6 horses was the solution.
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Turning Tables
The book Turning Tables by Heather and Rose MacDowell includes a scene where the protagonist servers a dinner in the main restaurant depicted in the novel - a salad with the olive oil from Villa Stabbia.

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