News from Villa Stabbia - 2014

Ulrike Thiel Clinic at the riding centre
Since the riding centre at Villa Stabbia aims to focus its training and riding on classical principles, it was an opportunity not to be missed when it was possible to host a clinic with the internationally known classical trainer, dressage rider and instructor, judge, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and sport psychologist Ulrike Thiel.
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Last BBQ of the year
Before the long and cold winter, whilst it was still sunny - time for the last BBQ of the year - with extended menu.

Prior to the feast, a small presentation was given by Zurina in the arena.
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III Level ENGEA Riding Exam - and BBQ
After hours of studying and even more in the saddle - finally the III level exam - and all 6 riders passed.

Luckily it was possible to celebrate with a BBQ afterwards despite the thundering and threat of rain.
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Cannes Film Festival
Like last year, for the visitors to the Italian Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival, to truly enjoy the taste of Italy, a couple of Italian gourmet producers provided various products.

Once again, the olive oil from Villa Stabbia was available for the guests of the Italian Pavilion to enjoy throughout the week.
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Course - Training of the Young Horse
The training of a horse is never easy - so many pitfalls and so many methods around.

Hence the importance of understanding how a horse learns, what it effect our body language has on the horse and how to break down an exercise into smaller pieces that can be taught in small steps.
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Course - Training the horses from the ground - part I
All training of the horse starts from the ground, hence once again the Groundwork course was being held.


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Pizza & Grasso
After a long and very rainy winter it was time to clean the tack again.

Since most riders have participated in these social events several times and have a lot of experience by now - the cleaning of the tack was done in just over an hour.   
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Article on Villa Stabbia in "The Horse Riders Journal"
Danish photographer Lisbett Wedendahl came for a relaxing visit and ended up spending most days taking photos. Upon her return home, she contacted the international magazine The Horse Riders Journal if they were interested in writing the story - and here it is!

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A tall lady moves in - Giana
The last private horse to arrive move in was tall and stately Giana. A Brandenburger mare who so far had mainly been used for jumping and treks. Giana is a very sweet, extremely calm and very gently lady.

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