News from Villa Stabbia - 2005

Honeymoon at Villa Stabbia
Linda West Eckardt's article for the Brides Guide Magazine in the US, suggesting them to spend their honeymoon at Villa Stabbia.
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"The Great Extra Virgin Olive Oil Project"
American writer Stephanie Zonis tasted more than 90 bottles of Olive Oil and evaluated every single one for her article and book "The Great Extra Virgin Olive Oil Project".
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Web article about 4 Danes producing olive oil
After finishing her book about Olive Oil in 2004, the Danish writer Rie Boberg wrote an article for the web-site about 4 women. Four Danish women, that via very different routes all ended up producing olive oil in Italy.

Villa Stabbia was of course among them!
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Article in Danish magazine "Nyt fra Danmark"
The Danish journalist Charlotte Sylvester, wrote this article for the "Nyt fra Danmark" magazine, about three Danish women growing and producing olive oil in Italy. Once again, Villa Stabbia was included.
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News from Villa Stabbia - 2004

Horses moving in - Pippo & Zazu
After more than 50 years with no horses grazing the fields of Villa Stabbia, the appaloosa Pippo and anglo-arab Zazu moved in.
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Villa Stabbia on American Radio - Nationwide
American celebrity Chef and writer Linda West Eckardt talks on nationwide radio about her stay to Villa Stabbia and its Olive Oil.
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Olive Oil from Villa Stabbia in Gourmet Book of Olive Oils
When Danish writer /journalist Rie Boberg, started to write a book about olive oil, she wanted to include a description of the best gourmet olive oils available in Denmark at the end of the book.
The book was published and the Danish food magazine "Spis Med" featured an article on the book
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News from Villa Stabbia - 2003

Olive Oil from Villa Stabbia in "Hotel & Restauration"
The olive oil from Villa Stabbia was featured in the Danish "Hotel & Restauration" magazine, in July 2003. Our importer "Det lille Enoteca" described the oil, the infused oils together with his import of Italian wines. Continue Reading »

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