News from Villa Stabbia - 2012

Hacendosa moves in
Hacendosa, a sweet natured and very gentle PRE mare, 5 years old moves in.

She was accepted by all. Especially Zazu found it more than difficult to take his eyes of her. She appreciated having a protective friend and they were constantly seen side by side.

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Interview in Danish Newspaper
A journalist from "Den Nordjyske" newspaper in Denmark called and asked if it was possible to conduct an interview via the phone about life in general at Villa Stabbia but mainly about the journey to the place.

The interview was published late November

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Francesco Vedani Clinic
The clinic by Francesco was once more very well attended, with 8 riders from Villa Stabbia and 5 from outside. 3 even brought their own horses.

Vedani's course was all about riding the horses with great love and showing the riders how to teach the horse to work calmly whilst using its body in a correct manner.
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Filo and Sophie move in
Two small and cuddly collies, Filo and Sophie moved in at Villa Stabbia. Filo is the male with a dark coat and Sophie his sister with a lighter coloured coat.

For the first months, they never left each others side, whilst exploring their new world.

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Training the horses from the ground course - part 1
Training a horse is not done by domination but by letting it learn which behavioural options are the most comfortable to live with. This training starts from the ground, hence the aim of the course was to understand the effects of body language as well as introducing the participants of the ideal horse and how it is supposed to move.
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Two Spanish ladies visiting a Spanish gentleman
Both Zurina and Pioggia went for a couple of weeks to visit a stallion.

Pioggia became pregnant and the little one is due mid July 2013.
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Villa Stabbia at Kulinarisk Sydfyn - again
For the fourth year in a row, Villa Stabbia participated in the culinary festival, "Kulinarisk Sydfyn", held in , Denmark.

Once again the festival took place in the centre of the old town Svendborg.
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Griglia & Bivacco
With the warm nights and school just finished, it was time for some sleep-over at the horses.
Everybody were introduced to the making of Danish Snobroed over the fire whilst the BBQ was being prepared.
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Saggio - the Annual Show at the Riding Centre
Once more it was time for the annual show at the riding centre. The riders showed off their skills ranging from jumping, dressage and pony-games.

Unfortunately, Pioggia fell ill the morning, so several of the riders had to ride a horse they had never tried before.
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Pizza & Grasso Day
After a long winter and a fourth coming annual show, it was time to clean the tack. Throughout the Pizza & Grasso day, leather was soaped, rinsed and greased - with still warm pizzas to end the day.

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Villa Stabbia gets another Gran Menzione at SOL
The 2011 harvest can by no means be called a perfect year. However, choosing to pick contrary to tradition, it was still possible to obtain a really good quality oil.

The oil was even awarded an honourary price or GRAN MENZIONE at SOL in Verona.
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